Oulton Park 2nd September

I always expect a long journey to Oulton with some traffic troubles, and last weekend did not disappoint?! I think many people had ‘fun’ multi hour drives but at least the weather was good, in fact just perfect on Saturday to enjoy the great international layout.

Those I spoke to and in the presentations seemed to have a good time and there was still enough competition in each of the three classes to make it worthwhile for most.

For example in the first race in class A Josh Wrights ZR160 won by 5 seconds from Henry Sharpes Montego with the next four of us covered by only 1.5s. Matt Simpsons 220 Turbo won overall by just 0.7s from Peter Burchills ZS180 and Iain Dowler was a happy bunny taking the class B victory in his ZR170.

In the second race Iain Dowler stepped it up to take an overall win with Dave Nixons class C Tomcat just 0.15s behind at the line. Meanwhile Josh Wright took another class A win in the ZR with only 1.5s covering him and the remaining 3 other class A cars including myself. As I was the last finisher in both races my new rear view camera didn’t see too much action! I’m trying to make a twin camera video now I’ve got a system which seems to work.

Ian Boulton unfortunately spent most of the day changing a cylinder head after rebuilding the engine in previous days and over revving it undoing his hard work.

Rod Oakenfull was back for some fun but the various oil slicks left by the preceeding race caught him out and a grass excursion aided the removal of his exhaust which he then ran over crushing it beyond usable repair for race two.

Alan Brooke proved that the grass speed humps on the lakeside banking are stupid and MSV need to spend some money filling them in over the winter. For a wild ride video try this: https://youtu.be/bspsCCU9iSo

As ever the marshalls did a great job to keep the meeting running.

I forgot to mention at the presentations that the eligible drivers for 50% refunds in the incentives scheme for Snetterton 200 are Matt Simpson, Alan Brooke, Iain Dowler and James Darby. The rules are you have to pay MGCC the full entrance fee and the MG Cup will refund you 50% after the race meeting. Congratulations to you.

Of course as Snetterton 200 is only 4 weekends away on 30th September, if you are planning on competing it will be sensible to apply in the next week to beat the slightly higher late fee charge after 15th September.

Finally If you are planning on coming to the awards dinner on the 11th November here’s a reminder for that too. You already have the form and information from Clive Jones. A new venue in Banbury should make a good evening.

Many thanks & good luck in preparations for Snetterton.

Nick Arden & Race committee.