Month: November 2018

Rover Tomcat confirmed for 3rd season in MG Cup

Matt Simpson returns for his 3rd season in his Rover Tomcat Turbo in class C and we look forward to some more close racing.

Rover Tomcat Confirmed for 2nd Season in MG Cup

Stuart Tranter returns for 2nd season in the MG Cup in his Rover Tomcat Turbo running in the invitation class. We look forward to seeing Stuaty out in 2019.

Close diverse club racing needs support

The MG Cup enters its 31st season in 2019 and we have opportunities for Sponsorship #jointhechampionship Championship title sponsor Race meeting sponsor Oil Sponsor Brake Sponsor Tyre Sponsor With great exposure within the MG Car Club (the worlds biggest car club) and within UK…

MG Cup welcome new driver for 2018

The MG Cup welcome new car and driver Chris Twigger to the Championship for 2019, making it a family affair which father and daughter combination running Rover Tomcat Turbo’s in class C.   

MG Cup welcomes back Kayleigh Twigger in her Tomcat Turbo in class C

After a cracking debut season finishing 3 in class Kayleigh has confirmed for 2019 season one to watch this year…

MG Cup welcomes back Dale Reet to class A in his MGZR 160

Dale rejoins the MG Cup after his debut season in 2018, welcome back…..

MGF Joins MG Cup in class A

We would like to welcome David Koskela to the MG Cup in well known MGF 160