Month: February 2020

Iain Dowler confirmed for class B in his MGZR170

Iain returns in his MGZR170, a man on mission to be leader of the pack in class B in 2020….. Going to be some close racing this season….

Chris Boulton confirmed for Class C in his MGZR190

Chris returns to the MG CUP with a new build MGZR190 for 2020, stepping up from class B which he won in 2019….. going to fun at the sharp end this season….

Club racing at its best father vs Son but who is quicker?

Family Robinson set for great seasons racing in the MG Cup….. #fillthegrid2020

Dennis Robinson confirmed for Class B in his MGZR170

Dennis returns for 2020 in class B in his MGZR170, one to watch for class B.

Carl Robinson confirmed for Class A in MGZR160

Our Class A winner returns for 2020 season, could this be the year for a Class A car to win the championship again?

MGZR160 MGZS180 Rover BRM in action, just part of our grid….

3 classes Road Modified and Race, 6 weekends 12 races and one champion… have you got what it takes #fillthegrid

Nick Arden confirmed for Class B in his MGZR170

Nick returns in his MGZR170 making class B, taking class B to 9 cars….

Kayliegh Twigger confirmed for class I in Tomcat Turbo

Kayliegh Twigger has confirmed for Class I in her Tomcat Turbo…

Something special for MG Live – Dave Dixon and his 6R4 #fastmetro

To celebrate our heritage we are being joined by some special friends at MG Live….. In the championships first race included the mighty 6R4 so it would be rude not to have them attend……

We have something special planned for MG Live…

To celebrate our history as our first race included a 6R4, so we thought it was time to get these beasts back on track…..