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2022 MG Cup Winners

2021 MG Cup Winners

Have you got what it takes for the 2022 season?
2021 MG Cup Winners

2020 MG Cup Winners

Due to Covid we were unable to hold end of season awards evening. However congratulations to our winners. However we will be back with a bang at 2021 awards….

2020 Champion Carl Robinson
Class winners for 2020

2019 MG Cup Winners

We are pleased to confirm prize winners from the MG Cup Sponsored by Peter Best Insurance Services for 2019 Season:

2019 MG Cup Champion

Richard Buckley in his Rover Tomcat Turbo

Class Awards

Class A 

1st          Carl Robinson MGZR160

2nd        Dale Reet MGZR160

3rd         Aaron Ross MGZR160

Class B 

1st          Chris Boulton MGZR170

2nd        Iain Dowler MGZR170

3rd         Ian Boulton MGZR170

Class C 

1st          Richard Buckley Rover Tomcat Turbo

2nd        Mike Williams Rover Metro GTI VVC

3rd         Peter Burchill MGZS 180

Class I  

1st          Stuart Tranter Rover Tomcat Turbo

Championship Awards 

Best Novice Carl Robinson MGZR160

Most Improved Driver Dale Reet MGZR160

Broken Piston Iain Dowler MGZR170

Family Performance Carl Robinson MGZR160 & Dennis Robinson MGZR170

Pit Crew Doug Robinson

Spirit of Championship  Chris Twigger Rover Tomcat Turbo

Drivers Driver Dave Nixon Rover Tomcat Turbo

MGCUP Hall of fame

Full list of Champions since Series began in 1988 :

1988 D Ecob               1989 D Ecob               1990 J Sole

1991 J Sole                 1992 E Physouni         1993 R McCann

1994 J Grottick           1995 J Sole                 1996 J Spencer

1997 A Botelle            1998 T Howe              1999 D Kettleborough

2000 R Mears              2001 L Bergonzi         2002 L Bergonzi

2003 L Bergonzi         2004 D Brooke           2005 D Brown

2006 D Brooke           2007 J Walpole           2008 D Brooke

2009 J Walpole           2010 O Neaves           2011 D Ludlow

2012 J Darby               2013 J Walpole           2014 R Campbell

2015 Ed Davies           2016 Tom Halliwell  2017 Alan Brooke

2018 Darren Harris   2019 Richard Buckley



Registrations for 2020 open December 2nd 2019