MG Cup Points

2023 Championship Points

2022 Championship Points after 12 rounds


2022 Championship Contenders

2021 Championship Points

Championship scores for 10 rounds with 2 drop scores for 2021 Season, well done to all our winners

2021 Champion Mike Williams

2021 Class Winners

2020 Points

2020 Season

2019 Winners are……

2019 Winners

Class A Winner Carl Robinson Class B Winner Chris Boulton Class C Winner Richard Buckley and 2019 MGCUP Champion Richard Buckley

2019 Results after 8 Rounds  –  with 2 races left on the 5th October it will be doen to the wire again for the MG Cup with 1 drop score to be taken it could make it very interesteing

Overall rankings after 8 races

1st Richard Buckley

2nd Chirs Boulton

3rd Peter Burchill


2018 Winners from the MG Cup

Congratulations to the MG Cup 2018 Champion Darren Harris

Class A   1st Darren Harris, 2nd Rob Oakenfull 3rd Steve Tyler

Class B 1st  Nick Arden, 2nd Ian Boulton, 3rd James Darby

Class C  1st Peter Burchill, 2nd Matt Simpson, 3rd Kayleigh Twigger


2018 results MG Cup

Race Points 2017:

Final Standings after 12 Rounds of the 2017 MG Cup Sponsored by Peter best Insurance:

PBIC Race Results 2017 2

Congratulations to the 2017 championship winners and our 2017 Champion Alan Brooke
Class A
1. Josh Chris Wright
2. Darren Harris
3. Steve Tyler
Class B
1. Richard Buckley
2. James Darby
3. Ian Iain Dowler
Class C
1. Alan Brooke
2. Matt Simpson
3. Dave Nixon

2016 Season Results


Tom Halliwell 2016 Champion