Brands 2019

We would all be getting excited for rounds 3 and 4 of MG Cup at Brands Hatch, but with racing on pause currently we are sharing a picture from 2019 race. We shared the grid with the Metro Cup which is always good sport especially when the turbos lift and fire flames at you. Club racing at its best petrol heads racing cars from the 80’s – 00’s never under estimate a A series turbo hat’s off to Mr Trevett and Mr Wilson who kept some of our Tomcat 220 Turbos in check…..

Motorsport UK COVID-19 Update

The pause button has been pressed for the start of the season. During these trying times our thoughts are with NHS medical staff dealing the fall out of COVID-19 (coronavirus) To all our drivers and friends stay safe and we will be on track again soon.

MSA Motorsport UK COVID-19 Update – Tuesday 17 March 2020 – It is with regret that Motorsport UK is suspending all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption until at least 30th April 2020. This suspension follows the latest guidance issued by HM UK Government in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. This position will be constantly reviewed given prevailing information.

15 days to go and grid is filling

With 15 days to go the grid is filling for rounds 1 and 2 of the MG Cup in 2020, which will be the 32nd year of the Championship. We offer 3 classes Road Modified and Race with Invitation class allowing drivers to do 4 races before converting cars to regulations. We look forward to a great seasons racing, close, clean and social 3 of the key reasons why we have 30 registered drivers this year.

We would like to thank Peter Best Insurance Services for its continued support this season as our main sponsor and all of our events will be lived streamed giving exposure to all drivers which is key at club level motorsport.

If you would like more information please get in touch.

MG Cup 2020 #fillthegrid

30 Drivers confirmed for the MG Cup, with less than a month to the first race of the season we will see a few more join us. The MG Cup offers close clean racing with good grids great atmosphere and clean racing, the home of club MG Rover racing.

Class I MG Cup

Class I (Invitation) for 2020 for cars in the spirit of regulations and is limited to 4 races before cars need to conform to championship regulations, a great way to try the MG Cup, we always enjoy some tarmac rally cars joining us as well as some Tomcats.

Class C MG Cup

We a few more cars waiting to register its going to be busy in class C this year….

MG Cup Class B

Class B for 2020 with less than a month to the first race there are still a few drivers left to confirm…