December Newsletter

With 2013 fast coming to an end I thought I would try my hand at a news-letter, so if its rubbish it’s your fault for voting me in and if you didn’t vote that’s your fault for not being there!

Now we’ve cleared that up I’ll begin………………

Greetings all

For those of you that couldn’t make the AGM – you missed a very relaxed, and I think enjoyable meeting, both of which I never thought were possible, so thanks to all that attended.

The PBIC has had a minor name change. It was felt that if we should lose our sponsor our championship would have no identity, so as of 2014 we will be the MG Cup Championship with our sponsors name up front. So the new stickers will read Peter Best Insurance MG Cup.

After all committee members were elected we found we had a couple of new faces; namely James Derby, who was elevated to the position of Technical officer to join forces with Vick Young.  Jonesey has expanded his position to include Secretary as well as Treasurer

Drivers reps are:

  • Class A: James Derby
  • Class B: Nick Arden
  • Class C: Kevin Hewer

John Wreghitt volunteered to update the website

David Strike, Virginia, and Chris Whitewick have kindly volunteered to write the race reports. Chris will also be your race representative stand- in, if I am unable to attend a race day. So I think that’s all bases covered!
The regulations have been submitted for approval. There are a few minor changes, so when they’re published please read them, as “I haven’t read them” is not an acceptable excuse.


For 2014 we are introducing what some may call a “Joker” round. This will be one race nominated prior to qualifying on the day to the Co-ordinator, this one race will then count as double points, but kept secret until the final results of the last race are in. Then all will be revealed. I am working on the idea of a credit sized plastic card to be given to all registered drivers and this then would be handed to me for the chosen round – details to follow.

When should you play your Joker?

Well it could be at a track you think may be poorly supported, it could be one where your main rival is not so hot and you fancy your chances or it could just be that you feel unbeatable on this day, although when I feel like the latter somehow it all goes wrong!

Now we get to some good news for 2014

Peter Best will be continuing their sponsorship and I have also secured a deal with Paul White from “Adsign.” He has offered one free car wrap and this will be raffled at the presentation do at the end of the year. This raffle will only be open to competitors that enter all rounds of the championship, so the odds of winning it are much better than the lottery.

And if that’s not enough there’s more

The championship will raffle one free race for the following year to one driver from each class, (A, B and C). This raffle will only be open to competitors that enter all rounds of the championship, so the odds of winning it are much better than the lottery. (“Copy and paste” is great)

And if that’s not enough yes there’s even more

The MG Car Club offer a discount for any driver that enters all rounds (there is a theme running here). You will get a discount on the last race of the year, so with that in mind why not use the season entry form that the MGCC provide, fill it in once and all races are entered, but no monies are taken until each race closing date. If for any reason you can’t make a race you give Steve Car a ring to let him know. It’s that simple. I can’t think of any reasons why you should need to cancel one of the best days of the year or is it just me that needs to get a life!

Race dates

  • 29th March – Silverstone National (DH)
  • 3rd-4th May – Brands Hatch Indy (DH)
  • 21st-22nd June – Silverstone GP MG Live (DH)
  • 3rd August – Donington Park (DH)
  • 4th-5th October – Snetterton 200 (DH)

Moving on to the end of year presentation this started well with the half price happy hour, cracking start to any night out. During happy hour James Derby played the edited footage he had received from the drivers, I think I will have to have a chat to some of you on driving standards, but the video was well put together and enjoyed by all. The meal was better than previous years. All was going nicely and it was time for the presentations. This year we invited John to host this part of the evening. Well what can I say? I have not laughed so much for so long. I actually had tears of laughter rolling down my face and it just seemed to get funnier and funnier. So thank you very much John for giving up your evening and entertaining us so brilliantly.

Right onto the awards

Congratulations to PBIC Championship winner for 2013 James Walpole
Congratulations to PBIC Championship winner for 2013 James Walpole


I would like to congratulate not just the trophy winners, but all drivers for a good years racing and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Also I would like to thank all of the officials, working hard behind the scenes helping to make the championship work. MANY THANKS TO ALL

I know it’s astonishing but we have had even more good news, our 2014 championship regulations have been approved by the MSA in the last couple of days, these should be on the website shortly.

That just leaves me to say a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Top tip for 2014 if you polish your car it will glide through the air easier = faster down the straight and it will look nicer too. There is no charge for this top tip we’ll just call it an early Christmas present – have fun!