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2017 Prize Giving and AGM 11th November

MG Cup Championship trophies
I know you are all beavering away getting ready for Snett, but don’t forget the Xmas Do follows only a few weeks after on 11th November at Wroxton House Hotel, Wroxton St. Mary, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 6QB

The dress code is smart, which means dinner jackets or lounge suits please gents. Ladies of course may decide for themselves!
We have the whole hotel to ourselves for the Do but space is limited, so don’t miss the opportunity to have one last chinwag about the year’s racing before the winter rebuilds begin.
Please get your menus back to me ASAP and get your rooms booked direct with the hotel.
We have a subsidised rate on both the rooms and the food bills so the price you pay is at a good discount.
Rooms must be booked direct with the Hotel quoting the reference MG Cup.
Don’t leave it till the last minute!

Cadwell Park 17 Race Report – K. Hewer

Welcome to the North, to those of you that don’t live here anyway!
It’s not always grim opp north but sometimes the weather plays it’s part in thinking it is. With 21 intrepid drivers entering the Cadwell Park races we were topping the charts in numbers as only the 2 guest series of the Morgans, and madness that was the MGCC Triple “M” race had more drivers than we did.
That didn’t stop some of our drivers doing their level best to take themselves out of the running, some by mechanical maladies, others were tripped up by the conditions. Matt Simpson took to the spannering really early with his Tomcat as he was having oil pump issues on the Friday when he arrived, this would mean he was to qualify out of session and would be starting from the back of the grid.
Qualy was a wet affair, but thankfully most were too asleep and still partaking of the first coffee of the day to worry about car set up due to the impending rain etc.
So out they all went into the very picturesque Lincolnshire countryside. First to want to have a better look at the scenery was James Darby with a trip into the barriers at the bottom of the Mountain. Excuses number #156-158 were used to blame both the standing water with cold used tyres, and of course the #158b excuse of someone else’s oil on the racing line. Luckily there was only superficial damage to the car, but he was to start the races at the of the grid.
Hannah Brian decided that the rules say you only have to do 3 laps, and that was fine by her. She would wait for better weather thank you. Her car decided that it agreed and dutifully threw all the bearings out of the nearside wheel hub.
Alan Brooke in the other Metro was ably assisted by some other members of the MG Cup fraternity and the hub assembly was to be changed in time for Race 1.
Steve Darbey was having issues of his own and was unable to get the car out in time to start the qualifying session and took no further part in the meeting unfortunately.
Race 1.
It was mostly dry all the way around the circuit with the obvious damp patches here and there from the downpour earlier in the morning.
Pole sitter Andy Spencer only first sat in the car on the Thursday before the race weekend, but he was obviously happy to let the 4G team continuously tinker with the car in the run up to the race, and it paid off as he was to take the lead and stay at the front for the whole race.
Ashley Woodward had a good and start and squeezed out Alan Brooke off the line and was up into second place overall by the time he exited Charlies bend.
Matt Simpson in the very quick Tomcat Turbo was starting at the back of the grid and by the time he was onto the back straight he had passed seven cars. Cracking start.
On the entry into the Hall Bends Dave Nixon who was in 3rd place in his Tomcat missed the first apex and headed over the very wet grass and spun, luckily he was missed by the rest of the perusing pack and re-joined with no damage at the back.
Buckley had a grassy moment or two on Lap 2 and fell back from 3rd place after being passed by Alan Brooke who was on a charge chasing after Ashley Woodward.
MGB Stalwart Jonesey had a coming together with one of the newcomers to the series, and unfortunately the older MGB came off worse with front end damage. This would be repaired in time for the second race and all eventually sorted with smiles and handshakes.
Mayhem was to ensue on lap 3 after the fast ZR of Paddy Booth who had started on the front row of the grid had a massive moment in Hall bends, putting a wheel onto the slippery grass on the entry to the second of the esses got a tank slapper on that was to eventually pitch the car nose first heavily into the barrier and back again onto the other side of the race track. Quick thinking by the driver got the car restarted and pulled out of harms way, thankfully the driver was out of the car safe and sound.
With the barrier dislodged there was a safety car period for the next 3 laps to repair the damage and recovery the stricken ZR.
During all this commotion a few other drivers decided they had had enough too.
Alan Brooke retired the Metro on the lap 4 due to a fuel rail O ring failure.
James Walpole retired hid MGB with gear selector issues.
James Darby retired the MGB GT with a head gasket failure
Also Mike Harris retired early on. I know not why.
Once the safety car had turned off the lights the racing was back under way for just one more lap and Spencer tore off into the distance on his way to victory. Marge Simpson was heading the Tomcat race in 8th place overall in front of Dave Nixon. An excellent recovery from the back of the grid.
There were shenanigans on the last lap around the Gooseneck section with Ian Boulton, Rich Buckley and Ashley Woodward all taking to the grass in an effort to be first to the chequered flag but it was Buckley who edged it in the end.
Class Winners.
A – Sharpe.
B – Buckley.
C – Woodward.
With the Sunshine now having a go at joining in with the English summer it was ice creams all round supplied by a nice Scotsman, along with copious amounts of tinkering spannering, and all round patching up of things. Ian Boulton was as usual to be found wandering around the paddock with his favourite hammer and a wry smile on his face.
But as is the way with that summer thing, it started to rain with aplomb half an hour before Race 2.
Race 2.
With only 16 cars left from our original 21 taking to the grid the heavens were well and truly open.
Spencer and Woodward checked out early and were 10 car lengths clear as they entered the Mountain for the first time, Buckley, Burchill and Boulton were chasing but the conditions were not helping matters. With the MGB of Jonesey being the only rear wheel drive car left on the grid he was struggling in the wet as it really was front wheel drive territory now. By lap 2 the top two cars of Spencer and Woodward were nearly 8 seconds clear of Buckley in third, maybe they had new wet tyres on that the rest did not, but they were certainly enjoying the conditions.
On lap 3 Alan Brooke was working his way rapidly up the through the pack and after a deft move on a few drivers at Park Bend he was up into 5th and chasing the ZS of Burchill.
Brooke, Buckley, Boulton and Burchill were to have a monumental battle for the next few laps with places being swapped much more readily in the wet conditions than they are in the dry. Lewis Anderson who was in a borrowed car, had forgotten he was in a borrowed car and was chasing hard. Dave Nixon and Iain Dowler were also not far behind.
It was all to end in the inevitable scenario though as Buckley had a moment of his own coming down onto the start finish straight, and in avoidance Ian Boulton and Lewis Anderson bounced off each other and the barriers. Ian and Lewis were later to be seen trudging in the rain towards the dryness of the control tower.
Dave Brown was having fun and was doing well in his Class C ZR which is still in it’s development stages. Charlie (New Boy) Moreton was getting to grips with his ZR and had managed to pull himself further up the field in race 2 than in the previous dry outing. Hannah Brian had a special mention from the commentators as the Mighty Metro in standard Class A form was going really well after it’s problems earlier in the day. She was catching the MGB of Clive Jones steadily and pounced for an overtake on the outside at Charlies after seeing the rear wheel drive car was getting oversteer on the exits. Using the traction of the front wheel drive she set off to get the fastest lap of the race for Class A.
Class Winners.
A- Harris
B- Buckley
C- Spencer
So it’s off to Oulton Park in early September for the MG Cup’s first races there for several years. The turnout looks to good so far with the Cheshire circuit a firm favourite for many drivers.
See you there!!

Race report Silverstone 2015 by Tom Diment

So here we were back once again for MG Live at Silverstone (Historic GP) for our annual biggest meet of the season. After a cracking turn out at Donington we were all looking forward to healthy grids at Silverstone and we weren’t disappointed. With 24 entries (Class B once again looking the stronger supported) the Peter Besters were out with the Cook shoot Cup with a combined grid of 55.

Qualifying graced us with unsettled weather. The on off showers and humid temperatures had the paddock in turmoil as to what set ups to run. Piggott wasn’t sure how to keep the Marlboro red’s dry on his way down to assembly area and Ashley Cross more concerned with keeping the car dry. Rod Oakenfull concerned if engine number 3 would make the distance (Good luck!)

Qualifying was upon us and Lord Gammons decided that two green flag laps were needed and this was more than enough time for Rayment to test the levels of grip, quickly leaning there wasn’t any and stuffing his B into Hewers V8. Luckily for Rayment, Kev had been on the Ginger cake and despite seeing rainbows on the grid, was very calm about the whole thing.

Qualifying got off to a good start with Darby and Eales looking strong in the B’s. Following on were the gaggle of ZR’s led by Davies. The track was drying and everyone was putting in quicker times lap by lap. Lap 5 Buckley through a spanner in the works (or should I say a crank pulley) and pulled off with terminal damage. Cross in his Jet powered ZS narrowly missing the lump of metal sat in the middle of the track. Strike (not a lover of the wet) had a broken throttle cable which ended his trip out. The V8’s of Hewer and Khouri were struggling with the damp conditions and despite struggling for grip put a great show on for the spectators. The flag fell and Darby claimed poll position with an impressive time, Eales took 2nd on the grid and first in class A in his flying machine. Davies 2nd in class and Coles 3rd. A great drive by Cross to see him start 3rd row on the grid.

Race One:

Well as expected this season, the heavens opened, the rain came down and Strike put on his rubber pants once again. The PBIC lined up on the grid behind the Cook shooters and starting 30 seconds behind under waved Union Jacks.

Engines revved, flags dropped, tyres sprayed and Coles stalled! Cross and Brown darting out the way to avoid collision the race was underway. Darby (class B) and Eales in the Class A Flying machine fired into the first corner whilst Davies in his mobile bath lost a few places. Visibility was limited but Dowler seemed to be the man on the move. Further down the grid the class a battle was underway with Jones, Tyler and strike scrabbling for grip and charging towards the grey abyss.

Piggott, Eales senior, Mason and Oakenfull bringing up the rear. Piggott more concerned which article to read from his carefully position Daily mail in the foot well as he gets onto hanger straight.

The rain kept falling and everyone was tip toeing around trying to keep it on the black stuff. Coles soon made his way to the front and drove an impressive race to claim victory by 10 seconds from Dowler. Davies fought his way back up to third with an impressive drive but was too far back to catch the leading two. Slippery Eales slid back to 5 overall (1st in Class) with the yellow flying machine not being able to put down all that power in the wet conditions. Darby had fuelling issues due to the standard B fuel pump not coping with the big horsepower it produces (we think) and didn’t finish.

Great results for Dave Brown and Ashley Cross in class B Finishing 4th and 5th in class respectively. John Gould had a solid result gaining 5 places and coping well in the wet conditions, as did David Thompson.

Class A honours to Eales, with Jones taking a solid 2nd and Steve Tyler in the immaculate Maestro 3rd.

The big V8’s and C of Khouri, Hewer and Holmes struggled in the wet and spent more time looking out the side window than in front of them.

Well done to Ollie Coles who took Driver of the race and Driver of the day honours. Unfortunately due to technical infringement, Dowler was disqualified from the results due to running illegal tyres. This awarded Davies 2nd and Brown 3rd.

Race 2

Race 2 blessed us with dry conditions which were welcomed with open arms by the majority of us. The B of Darby looked to be the favourite going by his performance in qualifying. The Peter Besters were preparing well in their own way by eating, drinking and chatting a lot. I did see Cross polish his car and put some fuel in it. Team Coles and Gould were relaxing in their village fete array and it was all becoming very quintessentially English.

However in the assembly area, the gloves were off and Eales was proclaiming to beat the ZR’s once again. Coles was focused, alongside him his mind coach talking him thorough the first corner.

Rayment yet again getting his car out of shape and parking it in the wrong place having to be pushed back. JD cool as a cucumber and Cross more concerned about the in bored camera than what faces ahead.

Flags drop, Darby has a bad start and goes backwards, Eales jumps into the lead followed by Cross and Davies battling it out for 2nd. Further down the grid the big V8’s and C were pushing up the order along with Wilson from the back.

The ZR’s were enjoying the conditions as they were all making good progress. Dave Thompson looking very racy was flying through the pack. Lap 2 and Davies had fought off Cross and took the lead from Eales. The class A battle was hotting up further back were Strike had the rubber pants pulled off and was charging putting in some impressive times. Wilson was sideways as always and catching fast. Rayment and Strike had a coming together as Rayment got a tank slapper on and collected Strike firing him into the gravel. A good battle broke out between Thompson and Dowler; Thompson under pressure spun and went off to explore the exhibitors. Once back on the track (and possibly off the track) Jones and Thompson had their usual close encounters (Say no more).

Hewer was driving the wheels off the V8 (We can see the orange paint!) and got up to 3rd only to be hampered with fuel starvation. Darby had head gasket problems which ended his campaign. Piggott, Tyler and Oakenfull were battling it out at the back, Rod still concerned about reliability issues but stood up to the task (Well done Rod!)

Coles settled in 2nd but Davies out of sight and way out in front taking the win by an impressive 13 seconds. Congratulations Ed, great drive.

All in all a great weekend. Even Lord Gammons thought so as he personally invited some of us up to his boudoirs for a chat. Bad luck yet again for Team Strike, a few late nights ahead. Well done Ollie and Ed for the wins. Thanks to Stone & Moss for the hospitality, those of you that didn’t come and see us, you missed out on free beer! Thanks to Hannah for the cake, and not forgetting Mr Jones our coordinator (according to the MGCC) and anyone else I’ve missed. See you all at Combe where I will be back out in a ZR, not sure which class yet? Maybe class A

Tom Diment

MGCC Official Race Report Donington 2015

MGCC Peter Best Insurance MG Cup

Richard Buckley was the man to beat in the MGCC Peter Best Insurance MG Cup outing. After a fifth place

start Buckley battled his way to the head of the field to claim honours.

As the race began it was Tom Diment who took the lead, as he led the way around Redgate for the first

time. Chased by Ed Davies, the pair headed into a fiercely entertaining scrap, as they each tried to claim


A brief slip off track for Diment saw his chances diminish, as Davies sneaked ahead. Before long, Diment’s

second place also came under threat when Ben White attached himself to the rear of Diment’s MG ZR 170.

As the pair tussled, another moment for Diment saw him drop from second to fifth place. In his absence,

White was elevated to second place.

As others battled, Buckley kept his head above water to finish ahead when it counted, seizing victory in the

closing laps. A slightly early chequered flag ended the race before expected, due to a lack of time to deploy

the safety car to recover a number of cars.

Davies held on for second place, ahead of James Darby, who moved up from 18th on the grid to finish

third. Diment managed a fourth place result after his troubles, ahead of Paul Khouri in fifth place. Driver of

the Race was awarded to Richard Buckley this time around.

Lackford Engineering MG Midget & Sprite Challenge

Paul Sibley dominated the MG Midget and Sprite Challenge once again, to triumph in his MG Midget from

a pole position start.

A cautious start from the front row of the grid saw Sibley slip to second behind Andy Southcott as the field

rounded Redgate. Before long Sibley launched an attack, as he fought back to reclaim control.

Despite starting 12th on the grid, James Dunkley quickly made his way to second place, to chase Sibley for

the duration. As the pair controlled the pace at the sharp end of the grid, it was the battle for third place

that remained under scrutiny.

After an entertaining drive through the field, it was Martin Morris who held on for a third place, to finish

just ahead of early leader Southcott.

James Dunkley teamed his efforts with an extra award when he was awarded Driver of the Race by our

commentary team.

Race Report Donington 2015 by WILSON!

As I arrived at a damp and cold Donnington Park, I was greeted by many bleary eyed revellers, Dave “I only had one pint”, Strike looking very much the worst for wear after Ginny’s birthday celebrations. Piggott and Thomson (F) having spent the night in the back of their vans had the dishevelled look that only this kind of sleeping arrangement can offer, Piggott slightly worse as he had forgotten his sleeping bag. Thomson benefiting from the anaesthetic effects of three pints of “Badgers Old Rat Urine” or some such cloudy offering from Kent.

There was much activity around Hewers car, despite the car being prepared by our very own qualified electrician it seemed to be being plagued by wiring issues, some parts clearly destined for domestic shower applications should prove useful in the very wet practice that loomed. An errant spark box proving to be the guilty party but found too late to prevent starting at the back. The track was looked very slippery as the field tippy toed around, Hanna, in her Metro seeming to have the most balls (clearly borrowed!) with a superbly held slide around Redgate! Strike managed to bury his wet race demons and put in some very good lap times. Browns dampers in his ZR (that appear to predate the car) having been re-fettled helped in the wet track. Arden in his immaculately straight panelled Maestro clearly not taking it seriously pottered around to the admiring approval of the crowd, “not often you get to see a Maestro with such good body work” I overheard one of the marshall saying.

Darbys technical issues continued, a real shame as he was doing some lovely slides around Redgate. This time with water in his fuel, the car cutting out in the middle of the track James prudently pulled over, parking it with great aplomb into the tyres at some speed, the damage actually making the car symmetrical again. I’m not sure if Darby did find the time to repair the car, it can be hard to tell! Certain other drivers couldn’t get enough of the terrible conditions and chose to ignore the chequered flag and continue with the practice long after everyone else had finished, Thomson (F) and Dare seizing the opportunity to improve their times, bettered only by the fire tender and the safety car. Both were summoned for an interview with Ron, who was less than impressed with Thomson’s (F) suggestion that the meeting to which he had been summoned was to sample the chocolate biscuits. Eales posting the quickest times despite a big moment at the final chicane.

Positions looked like this: The class B ZRs locked out the front of the grid with Coles and Diment on the front and Davies and Thompson on the second row. Thompson asked me not to make any hairdressing comments as he was getting rather fed up about it so I agreed. Thompson noting that the paint from other cars on his had come off “It looks like the blue rinsed off” he told me, not sure if this happened when he clippered the kerb?

Class C was headed by Buckley in his ZR ahead of the potent V8 roadster of White, not the tool for the job in those conditions. Eales easily ahead of class A but Jonsey and Strike posting near identical times. Bringing up the rear was Conner Holmes in his FIA MGB running on Dunlop L sections, that must have been terrifying for a first outing ever, but he brought it back in one piece. “I didn’t really enjoy that” he said in what must surely be a master piece of understatement. Piggott reported that he “enjoyed having the $hits more” but was more concerned about the state of his flattened and rather damp Marlboro so he set off to find a way to dry his ciggies “if only someone had a hairdryer he thought….”

The cafe filled up with damp drivers hiding from the rain, which after an hour or so petered out. With the wind drying the track it promised dry and cold race.

The race got off to a good start, Coles dropping back from his front row position to fourth by the first corner. Browns start hampered by selecting third rather than first, (a feat only to be bettered had he selecting reverse, sadly for the spectators this was not to be). Darby going around the outside of Redgate with his arse end out, the ZRs heading the field with Diment leading Davies and Eales in third, Coles back in fourth, Thomson (F) dropping down the field with engine problems, The Green House Effect’s oil temperature rising and pressure dropping,  Class A headed by Eales mixing it with the 170 Zrs leaving the rest of the class As to scrap around Red Gates, Strike leading Jonsey (never a good thing to have in your mirrors) with Arden holding station behind them, Piggott, Dare and Eales Snr having a great dice, The two ZRs of Diment and Thompson duking it out at the front but Hewer storming through the pack in his rumbling V8 starting from last place he passed five or six cars on the opening lap and made it up to to 10th  place, then 14th place then tenth place then ….. etc etc…The main scrap was ended when Diment got all agricultural at the top of the hill, he must have carried impressive speed when he left the track because he later said he just missed Derby…. Jonsey’s tyres by this time where crying “enough already” and his notorious elbows where being readied for action as he was being hauled in by a steadily closing Arden, the longer race distance suiting the FWD car, then suddenly Arden’s race was cut short when Dowler, now racing car number 99 (rather than 66 as at Brands) tried an over ambitious move on Arden on the climb from The old hairpin hitting the Maestro hard in the rear. Arden once punted onto the grass was a passenger and hit the tyres taking a bit hit on the driver’s side, car and his championship lead in tatters. Piggott, Dare and Eales senior scrap carried on with Piggott finally making it stick but once through was left to a rather lonely race, behind him the action continued when Whites V8 tapped the front of dares car forcing the Golf coloured GT into the bunker. The immaculately prepared car now wearing the black swirls on its flanks and gravel in its arches. You don’t get this sort of thing in hill climbing you know!! The race was shorten rather than bring out the safety car to rescue Dare and White from the bunker, at the waived flag it was a determined Buckley in class C from Davies in the class B in the Zrs with Darby doing a sterling job in his battle scarred GT coming in third overall and second in class from a very poor starting point. Class A Eales proved un-catchable in his GT with Jonsey in second place (this place nearly forfeited for talking in the presentation). That would have gone to Strike ten seconds behind him. After the race the paddock banter was in full flow, Cross and Hewer continued with their vulgar hand signals and Dare showing an excellent stiff upper lip saying he had really enjoyed himself, other noteworthy performances where series returnee Rayment in his father’s semi FIA car having not raced for five years had a great race, “I’ll take that” delighted with his lap times.

Race Report Mallory 15- Nick Arden

Mallory Park Peter Best Insurance MG Cup Sunday 29th March 2015.

Report by Nick Arden, MG Maestro EFI  No. 36 Class A.

When we arrived on Saturday afternoon the predicted poor weather for the weekend was moving in. Whilst putting up the canopies with Tom Diment & friends we decided to really tie them down well to trailers and vehicles since gusty wind and heavy rain were predicted. Most of the Peter Best MG Cup racers were there on the Saturday, as friendly as ever and laughing off the grey skies.


A modest group of 15 MG Cup racers went out for the first days qualifying on a fully wet circuit. Since I’d last been here in 2008 the circuit has been resurfaced and is smoother and better draining than before but still ready to catch you, or I out!

With a few wobbles, slides and wheel spins most of us made it through to the end of the session except for front running class A competitor Paul Eales of Oselli whom had a suspected main bearing failure so would be forced to watch Mr D.Eales senior show him how to do it later in the day.

Simon Cripps’ class B MGB had pole by a large 2.5s ahead of Thomas Halliwells class C ZR. A mix of class A & B cars covered Tom Diments 4th to Clive Jones’ 10th with a 3.5s spread. At the back of the grid only 0.07s separated the class A MGB of David Eales and Metro of Hannah Brian, so it looked like everyone would have someone to race. That’s what we like.

I was pleased to be up front of class A in 6th overall on the grid with Clive Jones two rows back. David Strike whom had been testing and has been consistently improving the last couple of years suffered a broken throttle cable so had to complete qualifying with another race series and start from the back of the grid. However given the right situation he could be coming through fast.

Race 1.

Just to spice up the first race at Mallory in a couple of years as well as being wet there was a light coating of oil around most of the circuit from the final practice.

When the red lights went out it seemed to take many seconds to get the car going, I could see everyone around me slithering on the wet track like a comical synchronised burn out session but eventually we got some bite and were off.

I had already decided that whilst Jonesey and Strike are gentlemen off of the track they are plenty competitive on the track and had set myself the stretch target of keeping up with the class B ZR170s for the first couple of laps. As this is not actually possible due to the higher power and wider tyres they are using Mallory’s Devils Elbow gave me the shove when I was trying to follow Ed Davies through it. With a full on 90 degree side ways slide at a reasonably scary speed I kept the power in and with some opposite lock, managed to keep off of the barrier using the gravel side track to rejoin. My windscreen video camera was completely filled with flashing green and white as the painted barrier whipped past. Any expletives have been muffed by the helmet padding and are not audible!

So with almost everybody having passed me I now felt like David Strike must have starting at the back of the grid and after checking the car still handled & braked OK set off in chase to have another, slightly more tender, go at it. Soon I passed Rod Oakenfulls lightened MGB and somewhere around the halfway point managed to get the run on Jonesey, Strike and Darby but becoming harder as these boys are quicker. It was then a case of not overdoing it as earlier on the oiled up track. At 16 minutes in the race was red flagged when David Strike had high speed spin and hit the barrier at the John Cooper Esses.

I was pleased to recover my initial position but it was a shame we lost David from the results and race two where he surely would have added to the excitement.

Simon Cripps (B) won overall by 42s as Tom Diment (B) overhauled Thomas Halliwell (C) to take 2nd by 0.4s and Ed Davies’ (B) ZR 14s further back in 4th. Jonnie Wheeler’s super yellow class C V8 failed to finish from 3rd on the grid.

The first race was tricky and finishing competitively required a lot of concentration, perhaps more work for points than outright fun.

Race 2.

I think most drivers were rather unsure exactly what conditions we would have for race two as we had had intermittent rain all day but with high winds then drying the track fast. An unusual weather scenario. As it was the track was near dry by the time we left the assembly area for the second race in similar start positions as race one but with MGBs of Paul Eales , the Wheelers and now David Strike out.

At the start Simon Cripps MGB was immediately crippled and pulled over from pole as we charged away, Jonesey got a great start and cruised round the outside at Gerrards with James Darby as I was queueing behind Ashley Cross’s ZS adjusting to the dry conditions.

Tom Diments engine let go leaving the hairpin on lap one and he decided to sharply exit left to try the motorbike circuit with the remaining vehicle motion as the main field all chased down the devils elbow onto the start straight.

Contrary to what we’d been advised but had asked for, the MG Trophy had been combined with our race and two ZR190s came tearing past on lap two only to immediately bang into each other unnecessarily at the hairpin and tear off again like rabid fighting cats.

The pace car came out to allow Cripp’s MGB to be removed which allowed Jonesey to pull a couple of hundred metres gap on me after the restart. I had a couple of laps close racing with Ashley Cross as his 2.5 V6 pulled past me on the straights but I managed to brake later for the corners so we stayed together until he adapted and then gently pulled away. The apparent audio of my engine in the video is greatly improved with an unseen V6 ZS alongside!

The first half of the race was near dry and hanging on around the long Gerrards curve in 4th at around 90mph reminded me why I like racing, much more fun than the earlier race. However a few spits of rain started to fall and drivers had to trim back their limits slightly. This allowed me to catch up with Jonesey whom had really been pushing hard to make the most of the first half near dry conditions.

Unfortunately for me attacking Jonesey was constantly interrupted by MG Trophy 190 & 170 cars coming from behind and threading through our own backmarkers. I’d get close and then my speed was compromised in the parts of the circuit where I was quicker allowing him to pull away again. This was repeated a few times until I thought I really had a chance close to the end but he took a well-deserved class A win by 0.4s and 5th overall as the race was shortened by 1 minute, 1 lap.

Thomas Halliwells ZR190 (C) took the overall win by 3.7s from Ed Davies ZR170 (B) and with James Darbys MGB (B) getting faster but still some way behind and Ashley Cross’ ZS (B) 7s further back.

A good race with quite a mix of events and I hope looked quite good from a spectators point of view – certainly Kevin Hewers report covers much of what I did not see so make sure you’ve read that perspective too.


Race Report Mallory Park 2015 (Kev Hewer)

Qualifying was a damp windy affair for the first race of the year for both the MGCC and the Peter Besters.
With some of the drivers opting to go testing a few weeks before this gave drivers like David Strike and James Darby an advantage over others that may not have been here for many years.
But both Darby and Strike made poor times, Darby excuse – The moths had been chewing on his 10 year old wet tyres and he had man flu. Strike excuse – Too heavy a right foot and broke the throttle cable.
Paul Eales had engine failure during qually and that would be the end of the day for the GT, but the joys of having his father on the grid in his FIA car meant that he could go out with another series and still get to have some fun.
So with the weather still making it a better place to be in the car rather than outside it, the drivers headed for the start line.
Race 1
Everyone managed to get some power down on the sodden circuit and headed around lap 1, all was well around the hairpin but on the exit of the Devils Elbow Nick Arden gets an almighty tank slapper and tries his luck at rallycross and heads down the escape road at full throttle, barely losing much ground at all. The other drivers all come barrelling towards the line with Hannah Brian deciding to take the same line as Arden and exits the Elbow backwards and executes a tidy reverse flick into the edge of the gravel. She was able to back the car out without any outside assistance and set off to catch the pack in the mist and rain.
The Zeds of Diment Halliwell and Davis all battled together at the front of the pack and were trying to catch the quicklydisappearing Simon Cripps in the lead, but with the track covered in oil and fuel from the previous race it was slippy everywhere and there were some very hairy slides from everyone on the fast decent out of the Devils Elbow.
Back in the battle for Class A honours were the rapid Maestro of Arden followed by Clive Jones, but with a storming start from the back of the grid was Strike. David had to qually out of session with another series, but the laps in testing were showing as he caught and passed a defending Jonesey in a move that looked to last 4 laps. Jones had no answer as Strike pulled away to chase down Arden.
The MGB V8 of the father and son pairing of the Wheelers was back out and doing well to start with, but a failed clutch out of the hairpin cut short their Mallory escapade and Jonnie had to pull off onto the escape lane opposite the control tower. That would spell the end of the day for them and James didn’t get to come out for race 2.
Cripps was away in the distance and lapping almost everone exept the ZR’s of Diment Halliwell and Ed Davis, Ed posted the second fastest overall time in his ZR, and the other two were very close behind, a sign of some good close racing to come during this season we hope. Ashley Cross was not particularly enjoying the conditions of race 1, but the 180 was sounding like it was flying on the straight and looked one of the most planted cars out of the complex.
Rod Oakenfull had a newly built engine, but was struggling with lack of power at low revs during qually, but a few brave pills were taken and revving the engine provided enough power higher up the rev range to keep him in contention with David Eales in the FIA car. Hannah Brian was making steady progress in the Metro ensuring that she got another well deserved signature on her novice license. But the Class A fight was not to end well as a leary moment out of the esses had the chequered MGB of David Strike heading nose first into the armco. Strike was still in the car when the Marshall’s came to his aid and the race was red flagged so he could be attended to safely.
Simon Cripps was first to line by a country mile and took Class B, Tom Diment and Tom Halliwell both finished 42 seconds later after a hard fought race, and winner of Class A was Nick Arden who was 18 seconds ahead of second place finisher Clive Jones.
Race 2
A flying start from Cripps ended very briefly with having a loss of drive 50 yards after the starting light went out. The Zr’s then managed to pull past the slowing Class B MGB once the wheelspin had been stopped and the power was down. the last of the cars in the field of Hannah Brian, David Eales and Oakenfull then had to go 4 abreast to clear the stricken Class B car, also with the 4 cars from the Trophy series that had joined us at the back of the grid. These guys then had to do their best to pull away from the slower cars and not get involved in any class battles for the Peter Best drivers. I think all went well and there were no problems or concerns from any of the drivers. It is always difficult when two championships are joined as it is all too easy to get a car from another series in between yourself and the car you are racing with in your own championship.
A safety car was called for to move the stricken mgb of Simon Cripps and this closed the pack, Jones had a blinding start and had already pulled a lead over Nick Arden in Class A, and Tom Halliwell had a great start off the line with Ed Davis in hot pursuit. Tom Diment was a non starter this time out. It  was mentioned that he got into the wrong side of his car and missed the start, as his steering wheel and pedals had been fitted to the left hand side of his car. Although I’m sure he says differently.
With the safety car in the class battles were closer this time out with the dry weather, and in Class A  Jones had pulled out again a gap in first place ahead of Nick Arden. They seemed to be on an elastic band as he closed up several times and dropped back when Jones turned up the wick and pulled away again.
The Zr’s were all very close and the 2 identical 170’s do seem to be well set up and were all having a battle between themselves, that was until the charging Darby mixed up the action and was posting some flying lap times in the ever more sorted class B MGB GT, despite the odd excuses made by Darby of the ailing driver having a quite serious bout of man flu, and a failing exhaust. Tom Halliwell then set out a blistering pace and with his 190 suiting the dry track he was really enjoying Mallory Park.
Brian was closing down the more confident Oakenfull all the way through the race and was determined not to finish in last spot, on lap 9 she was close enough to exit the fast devils elbow on a better line than Rod and slipped up against the pit wall and made the pass stick. The move started at the hairpin when the faster car of Darby nearly rear ended Eales Snr in the braking area, the Metro had the legs on the mgb of Rod on the exit of the corner and the move was done. Two laps later the red Mgb of Oakenfull started to make some expensive noises and he pulled off at the esses. Brian seemed to have the bit between her teeth and was posting faster lap times than Eales snr and was catching fast, a move out of the esses put Hannah up along side the FIA car but with the decisionwas made to ease out of a possible coming together and she pursued him to the line to post another finish and another signature to a full race licence.
At the line it was a dominant Tom Halliwell in his first race out with the Peter Best that took the flag, leading from lights to the finish and incredibly pleased with himself, this was only his second ever win and not the last by the looks of his performance. Ed Davis was close behind in second, and Ashley Cross was chasing down James Darby to the line who finished third.
Class A pots went to a closely fought battle between Jones and Arden with Jones getting first, but only just.
Word from the hospital came through during race 2 that David Strike was on his way back to the track, a bit beaten and bruised but ok. Previous news was a bit more serious as he was still on a spinal board and needed a wee!
I’m sure a stiff brandy or three was had on his return home, not for the neck injury but before the spanners and hammers come out on the damaged car. Although he was heard asking how many weeks there are until Brands?? A return could be on the cards sooner than we think??!!