The MG Cup powered by Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services look forward to racing at some of the best circuits in the UK for 2022 season. Class A MGF and MGTF have always been in the mix in the MG Cup and seeing mid engined vs FWD cars all running to the same engine spec and power makes for great sport, for those that want more we then offer the Class B modified 170 spec and then Class C 190 spec cars allowing for all budgets whilst matching the cars performance to each of our 3 classes. The championship is supporting the MG Car Club calendar, with a mix of northern, midlands and southern circuits. Based on our 3-class system Class A Road Going Class B Modified and Class C Race all running on road tyres with one make regulations per car type offering close competitive clean racing. We welcome novice drivers and have the ability of car sharing to further reduce costs for new and existing drivers. The MG Cup run by its drivers for its drivers what more could you ask for. For more information please DM us. Registrations are now open for 2022 season