Live Streaming for 2020

And now for something a little different….  My Supercar Productions media partners 2020…..

As a championship it is important to help club racers get exposure and showcase our championship and working with Ian Waterhouse and his team will offer something different from the usual content….  

During Race Day

We will be there prior to qualifying (where possible) to conduct live broadcasts throughout the day capturing interviews with teams, drivers, and sponsors in a fun F1 style Ted’s Notebook format. Oh, and we’ll run commentary on the race and capture it from up high along the main straight.

Here’s how it looks:

We will speak to all the teams happy to participate in the live-streaming as well as series organisers and conduct immediate after race driver interviews as soon as they have entered parc ferme and wrap the action up with call to actions.

After the event

Just because the cameras are off it doesn’t mean we go home and put our feet up!  We pull the footage and form a live-stream highlight reel and send the teams their own interview footage to use as they wish.  Working with the MG Cup we then produce a viewer figure report and send to the teams and you to use as an asset when seeking sponsorship deals.

What does this cost all included in our £80 registration fee in the MG Cup…..