MG Launch MG 3 Budget Race Car

The MG Cup would welcome the cars to the Championship and we look forward to see which dealers support this, as this could be the start of a new one make class to get drivers on the grid.   For more information contact Adam at the MG Car Club.

MG has announced that it will launch a low-cost racing version of its MG 3 hatchback in early 2019. 

Interns at parent company SAIC Motor’s UK Technical Centre, in collaboration with the MG Car Club, have been tasked with preparing a 3 for track use with a budget of just £5000 as part of their internship project. 

Full details of modifications carried out haven’t been revealed, but proposed regulations for the Class A Road Going category allow for limited weight shedding and installation of performance parts such as GAZ adjustable damping components and a Scorpion exhaust system. 

Adam Sloman of the MG Car Club said: “Motorsport is a huge part of MG and the Club’s heritage, and we are very much invested in bringing new cars, drivers and young competitors to our grids in the future.”