LE500 VHPD Dry Sump 190 bhp mid engined race car ex MG Trophy

My MG TF LE Ex (mgcc) Trophy 190 / Cockshoot / MG Cup race car. Its a 190bhp (dry sump VHPD Cup car racing engine/ c-r gearbox/LSD), built using a new NAC pre production ‘LE’ bodyshell . Made by Techspeed (BTCC Team) no expense spared, not a converted roadcar hence NOT road registered, Racing hardtop, full FIA cage, special race suspension etc hardly ever used, ex ‘Luffield MG Car’ who had just two made, Just one race in the last two years by me…….Part exchange considered……Ltd Company’s /vat registered business or if its going abroad Vat can be claimed back. …… For 2019 the MG Car Club will be having more MGF/TF races, with a MGF/TF Championship for 2020.