Hello Racers!

Welcome to the Official website for the MGCC Peter Best Insurance Challenge, the only race series to cater for any type of MG!.

This site is currently under construction – in the meantime for the latest news please visit:


The tabs at the top of the page are now active, there you will find details of the Series, application forms and draft regulations.

This site will be updated and it’s appearance will improve soon!!

2 Comments on “Hello Racers!

  1. Much respect to you Mr J for your efforts and determination to build a new series web site along side your personal one. Just a suggestion to try and avoid you or someone else ending up with a massive workload, are the web facilities offered by the main club worth considering? MG Trophy and Cockshoot Cup use these, admittedly the result is that the interactive part is separated out from the information part in the forum as opposed to being able to comment directly below race reports. But if means a lot less work for someone within the race championship then is it not worthwhile?

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