SILVERSTONE MG90 – 20/21 JUNE 2014

SILVERSTONE MG90 – 20/21 JUNE 2014


A sun filled weekend was forecast for MG Car Clubs premier event of the season, celebrating 90 years of MG production with a packed race programme and plenty of off track activities to keep the many spectators entertained.

As in previous years the Peter Best cars were combined with the Cockshoot Cup runners, resulting in a mad dash for track position at the start of the session.

Finding space for a clear lap proved difficult for many of the drivers and lap times were slower than might have been expected for many of them.

A terminal engine problem during Friday practice for Class C championship leader Andrew Young meant he couldn’t join the other 53 cars for the late morning 20 minute qualifying session. This handed class C and overall pole to Robert Campbell in the other MGC. Class B pole and second overall on the grid went to Simon Cripps however Cripps suffered a problem which prevented him from taking his place on the grid. Class C contenders Tom Diment and Alan Brooke made up the second row. 2013 Class A champion James Walpole was clearly back in form turning in some early quick times to end up on the third row alongside Chris Dear in the class B midget. A problem with a loose wheel caused Paul Eales to abandon his class A GT at Luffield mid session which resulted in a safety car for several laps whilst the car was recovered. With only a few minutes remaining after the all clear, most drivers struggled to improve their lap times.

Rod Oakenfull, making his debut in his nicely prepared GT qualified alongside  Terence Dear at the back of the grid.


After a long wait a depleted group of drivers finally took to the track at 5.30pm for the last race of the day on saturday. A brake issue meant Clive Jones completed only one lap in qualifying, but was allowed to start from the back of the grid. Paul Eales couldn’t get his car repaired in time so forfeited his class A second place slot in the line up. Richard Wilson had gearbox issues and couldn’t make the start. On the warm up lap, James Walpole pulled over with a misfiring engine, which left David Strike, Kevin Hewer, Michael Piggott, Rod Oakenfull and Clive Jones to contest the Class A positions.

A split start had been negotiated with the organisers, so the Cockshoot Cup got underway leaving the Peter Best cars awaiting the Union Flag drop which came about forty seconds later.

A clean start was made by all, Campbell streaking off into an immediate lead which he held comfortably until the end.  Alan Brooke and Tom Diment followed behind having a race long battle with Brooke coming out on top to claim second spot in class C. Diment finished third just ahead of class B winner Chris Dear. Paul Khouri made it into second in class B. James Darby was in contention for a class win until his engine developed problems on lap 5 enabling Steve Dowler to claim third in class B.

In the class A battle David Strike headed the reduced class into the first corner. Some close first lap racing with out of position class C and B cars of Shaun Holmes and Tyrone White added to the excitement on the track but within a couple of laps the midfield became stretched out with Strike eventually taking his maiden class A win and fastest lap in class ahead of Kevin Hewer in his newly rebuilt GT with seasoned veteran Michael Piggott in third. Clive Jones failed to complete a lap as his brake problems returned. Rod Oakenfull picked up the points for fourth place and improved his lap times.


The second race of the weekend for the Peter Best Cars was race 12 on the card just after lunch on Sunday. Another warm day and some frantic pit work from Eales, Wilson and Jones saw them take their places on the grid. However Alan Brooke, Simon Cripps, James Darby and Michael Piggot failed to make the starting lineup.

With positions being based on the second fastest times in qualifying the grid formed up with Campbell on the front row, Diment and Dear on the second row, Strike on his own on row three, Paul Eales’repaired car back in row four followed by Wilson and a rare appearance from Barry Holmes.

The flag dropped and once again Rob Campbell was out of the blocks quickly and headed the field into the first corner. Unfortunately it appeared he had made a jump start but the overall result was unaffected due to his considerable lead over the field. With the absence of Brooke, Diment picked up second place with Chris Dear in third overall and first in class B.

The class A race looked set to thrill and from the off didn’t disappoint. Eales took the lead into Copse meanwhile the rest of class A were jockeying for positions with some of the class B and C cars. Going into The Loop it was four abreast with Strike, Shaun Holmes and Wilson with Jones on the outside. Jones ran out of track, spun off and slipped back down the field but came back to finish fourth whilst Eales and Strike traded fastest lap times, Eales just getting the honour. Wilson lost power and limped to the end, so the finishing order was Eales first, then Strike with Hewer in third.

An excellent weekend with plenty of on track excitement and much activity in the pits with a high attrition rate.

We now look forward to the next race meeting at Donington on 3rd August. See you there.

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Race report Brands Hatch 4th May 2014

Race report Brands Hatch 4th May 2014

Sunday morning dawned warm and sunny with the prospect of a great days racing for the MGCC ’s second meeting of the season.


A packed race programme saw the Peter Best Insurance MG Cup combined with the Thoroughbred Sports cars and for qualifying a large grid of 34 cars took to the track consisting of a good Peter Best entry of 6 Class C cars, 5 class B and 9 class A cars

A few minutes into the session, Class C contender Alan Brooke was a spectator as his MG Metro exited the track at Mclaren amidst clouds of steam, causing the session to be red flagged whilst his car was recovered.

When qualifying resumed for the final minutes of a reduced session it was mayhem on the track with everyone trying to find some space for a quick lap and at the end of 7 laps it was class C championship leader Andrew Young in his MGC GTS who set the pace ending up on pole with Barry Holmes B GT nearly 2 seconds back in second.

The class C ZR 190 of Tom Diment was only a tenth back whilst Robert Campbell was a further half second adrift with novice Shaun Holmes completing the class C grid in his immaculately presented MGC GT.

In third on the grid and taking pole in class B was the midget of Chris Dear, starting his first race this season, showing his intentions by splitting the Class C cars.

The V8 BGT machine of Paul Khouri was second on the class B grid but 10th overall with veteran racer Steve Dowler, a struggling James Darby in the new for this year GT and Niall Campbell winding up the class B grid.

The battle for class A positions was very close with the top 6 on the grid separated by less than a second finally ending up with Paul Eales snatching pole, 6th overall, from Richard Wilson (who was supposedly ‘running in’his newly rebuilt engine following a pre season blow up at Silverstone, ) with David Strike in 3rd, James Walpole 4th, the Maestro of Nick Arden 5th with Clive Jones rounding out the top 6.

Class A novice Aaron Ross in the pink MG Maestro headed Frank Thompson and Michael Piggott who completed the Peter Best grid.

And so to race 1 which was the second race of the day just before lunch. With the sun shining it was with great anticipation that the 19 Peter Best cars took to the track with a sprinkling of Thoroughbred Sports cars to spice up the event.

A clean start was made by all with James Walpole, Clive Jones and fast starting Nick Arden coming through to leave a slow off the line, David Strike, looking at their rear spoilers going into Paddock Hill bend.

Meanwhile at the front, the Class C car of Andrew Young was showing everyone a clean pair of heels.

It was close at the front of the class A cars with car 36, Nick Arden harrying Paul Eales for the top slot in the early laps. However just at the start of lap 2 Clive Jone’s roadster and an out of position Peter Barnard, in his Elva Courier,  came together at Paddock Hill entry causing both cars to slew off on to the grass before re joining the track locked together on their way to the gravel. This clash almost collected David Strike’s GT and Paul Khouri who wasn’t far behind. Fortunately Jones and the Elva driver were both unhurt.

The resulting safety car and subsequent red flag put all the cars back onto the grid and after a lengthy wait the race was restarted, with a reduced race time of 6 minutes.

At the restart Young once again made a good start and put some distance between himself and the rest of the field but Barry Holmes lost places to Dear and Diment. Holmes though gradually recovered and eventually finished the race in 2nd behind Young. Chris Dear took 3rd overall and first in class B whilst Tom Diment placed third in class C and 4th overall. Robert Campbell held position to finish 4th in class. Paul Khouri made some good progress through the field from 10th on the grid to finish second in class B, 7th overall. The rest of the class B and C cars finished some distance back with a cautious Shaun Holmes guiding the number 193 machine to 5th in class c.

James Darby however, struggled to get maximum potential out of his newly tweaked engine finishing close behind Steve Dowler. Niall Campbell completed the race 5th in class.B

Meanwhile the class A  cars of Eales, Arden and Walpole were battling it out for the podium places. 2013 champion James Walpole got the jump on Arden to snatch 2nd by lap 2. After the restart, Ross and Thompson made good progress and were running 5th and 6th during the first tour, whilst David Strikes GT had slipped back to 7th. By lap 2 Strike had recovered to claim back 5th place and was gradually closing in on the Chastead supported roadster of Richard Wilson.

Nick Arden gradually became a little detached in 3rd with a fast closing Wilson and Strike trying to take the position. The last lap arrived all too soon with Walpole claiming the top spot from Eales on the last lap by 3 tenths of a second at the line. Holding on for 3rd was the blue Maestro of Nick Arden whilst Wilson and Strike were having a tussle with a Thoroughbred MGA twin cam resulting in Strike getting a run up the inside at Clark curve to take 4th spot from Wilson by a mere tenth of a second, Ross, Piggott and Thompson rounded out the rest off the finishers.

Race 2 was the final race of the day and nervous tension abounded in the paddock as the drivers questioned whether they would get a full race this time out. There had been many issues on track during the previous races and the organisers were running out of time.

Thankfully however, an announcement just before the start, confirmed that the race was to be for the full 15 minutes.

So the line up on the grid was similar to the first race being based on competitors second fastest time in qualifying.

Clive Jones had managed to get his severely damaged roadster back together for race 2 and took his place on the grid behind the other class A cars of Walpole, Strike, Wilson and pole man Eales. Alan Brooke failed to get the Metro repaired so 9 class A cars, 5 class B and 5 class c cars lined up for the start.

Young once again headed the class c field off the line and by the end of lap1 had put some distance between himself and Chris Dear who had got past Barry Holmes but by lap 4 Holmes had regained the position which he held until he was forced to retire on lap 7.

Tom Diment in the ZR 190 put in some consistent fast lap times gradually reeling in the class B midget of Dear and finishing second in class c and second overall but not before seeing the fast disappearing Young spin out on lap 6, which relegated him down the field only to complete a great recovery drive just nicking the victory from Diment on the penultimate lap by 3 seconds, earning him the driver of the race award.

Class C newcomer Shaun Holmes suffered a major off at Paddock on lap 5. The incident would have warranted a red flag earlier in the day or at least a safety car but the marshalls handled it with waved yellows and everyone carried on racing safely without further interruption. Shaun was unhurt but the car may need some new bits to bring it back to its former glory. This meant only three class c cars completed the race with Robert Campbell picking up the 3rd spot after a steady drive.

Class B honours went to peerless Chris Dear and another good drive from Paul Khouri earned him 2nd place with Steve Dowler in a distant 3rd. James Darby will be hoping for improvements next time out after finishing 5th in class behind Niall Campbell.

Class A provided some classic close racing from the off. The yellow GT of Paul Eales made a great start and eased away at the front closely followed by Wilson, Walpole and Arden who had both got past Strike at the start but by lap 2 Strike had regained the place from Arden. Jones was working his way up to the back of the front runners and by the end of lap 5 the order was Eales followed by Wilson, Walpole, Strike and Jones all separated by less than a second.

Lap 7 saw Jones make a move up the inside at Druids to take the position from Strike and the bruised and battered roadster of Jones then continued to hustle Walpole for the rest of the race but was unable to take the position.

The order remained unchanged for a further 6 laps, Eales putting in some quick consistent lap times which saw him increase his lead over the chasing four cars with Wilson just managing to hold off the close attentions of Walpole and Jones with Strike holding a watching brief just behind. Then on lap 14, two laps before the end of the race, Eales inexplicably slowed and stopped, handing the lead to Wilson. Two further frantic nose to tail laps followed resulting in Richard Wilson taking his first ever class win from James Walpole, with Clive Jones a deserved 3rd. David Strike was a close fourth in class with a much improved car this year. Nick Arden came in 5th followed by Aaron Ross.

Michael Piggott and Frank Thompson battled it out for 7th and 8th with the grey GT of Piggott finally overhauling Thomsons roadster.

So, a thrilling race for the class A honours much enjoyed by competitors and those spectators who stayed until the end of a long day.

See you at Silverstone for MG 90 live.



Silverstone Round 1 2014

Silverstone Rounds 1 & 2 written by James Darby

As I arrived at the track I was greeted with Richard Wilson’s car being push started and loud banging noises emanating from the exhaust. It was going to be one of those days.
It turns out he had been practicing all day yesterday, and found out that his newly build engine had so much power the block could no longer contain it, and had let go exploding bits out of both sites and out the bottom. The night had been spent fitting a spare Michael P had given him. Unfortunately there was no start motor so push starts were required.
I then spend the rest of the morning trying to help start the car and missed all of practice. Unfortunately we never got the car running and Richard never made any racing that day.
Race 1.
Race 1 was before lunch, the sun was still shining and as I walked down the pit lane I was greeted by big smiles as everyone was keen to get out for the first race. The biggest smile being from Paul Eales, who after a winter rebuilt has found additional pace and was on pole for class A.

As the race started Andy Young made his expected get away, both the MGC’s of Andy and Rob made a quick getaway and left the rest of the field behind for the rest of the race.
Tom Diment, new to our series this year, lost a couple of places off the start line, and then slowly made his way up through the field and finish a gradable 3rd overall and 3rd in class, knocking a second off of his qualifying time.
Class A saw a dominate drive by Paul Eales. Paul was chasing Alan Broke in the Class C metro, and got past by lap 6, with Alan slowly slipping back after this to finish 6th overall and 4th in class.
Meanwhile James Walpole in class A continued to chase Paul. And his persistence paid off as Paul spun out on lap 10 handing the lead over to James. Paul soon got going and only lost the one place and set about catching James back up. With 2 lap to go Paul took the lead for class A from James on main straight to take a well-deserved win.
Further down the grid in class A, Clive drove a strong race, but did not quite have the pace to keep up with Paul and James and took 3rd in class.
Davis Strike and Nick Arden had an epic battle for 4th in class, with Dave being the ultimate winner. However I lost count of the number of times that they changed position on the track.
The honour of last spot was taken by Kevin Hewer, test driving a metro for Hannah. The whole car costing less than his replacement engine!. Both Kevin and Michael Piggot kept the crowd entertained. I don’t know who was driving Michael’s car, as it was locking up the brakes and lifting wheels.

Overall an excellent race to watch from the grandstand, and all drivers receiving much applause from the crowds.
Race 2 to follow.

Let battle commence!
Let battle commence!

December Newsletter

With 2013 fast coming to an end I thought I would try my hand at a news-letter, so if its rubbish it’s your fault for voting me in and if you didn’t vote that’s your fault for not being there!

Now we’ve cleared that up I’ll begin………………

Greetings all

For those of you that couldn’t make the AGM – you missed a very relaxed, and I think enjoyable meeting, both of which I never thought were possible, so thanks to all that attended.

The PBIC has had a minor name change. It was felt that if we should lose our sponsor our championship would have no identity, so as of 2014 we will be the MG Cup Championship with our sponsors name up front. So the new stickers will read Peter Best Insurance MG Cup.

After all committee members were elected we found we had a couple of new faces; namely James Derby, who was elevated to the position of Technical officer to join forces with Vick Young.  Jonesey has expanded his position to include Secretary as well as Treasurer

Drivers reps are:

  • Class A: James Derby
  • Class B: Nick Arden
  • Class C: Kevin Hewer

John Wreghitt volunteered to update the website

David Strike, Virginia, and Chris Whitewick have kindly volunteered to write the race reports. Chris will also be your race representative stand- in, if I am unable to attend a race day. So I think that’s all bases covered!
The regulations have been submitted for approval. There are a few minor changes, so when they’re published please read them, as “I haven’t read them” is not an acceptable excuse.


For 2014 we are introducing what some may call a “Joker” round. This will be one race nominated prior to qualifying on the day to the Co-ordinator, this one race will then count as double points, but kept secret until the final results of the last race are in. Then all will be revealed. I am working on the idea of a credit sized plastic card to be given to all registered drivers and this then would be handed to me for the chosen round – details to follow.

When should you play your Joker?

Well it could be at a track you think may be poorly supported, it could be one where your main rival is not so hot and you fancy your chances or it could just be that you feel unbeatable on this day, although when I feel like the latter somehow it all goes wrong!

Now we get to some good news for 2014

Peter Best will be continuing their sponsorship and I have also secured a deal with Paul White from “Adsign.” He has offered one free car wrap and this will be raffled at the presentation do at the end of the year. This raffle will only be open to competitors that enter all rounds of the championship, so the odds of winning it are much better than the lottery.

And if that’s not enough there’s more

The championship will raffle one free race for the following year to one driver from each class, (A, B and C). This raffle will only be open to competitors that enter all rounds of the championship, so the odds of winning it are much better than the lottery. (“Copy and paste” is great)

And if that’s not enough yes there’s even more

The MG Car Club offer a discount for any driver that enters all rounds (there is a theme running here). You will get a discount on the last race of the year, so with that in mind why not use the season entry form that the MGCC provide, fill it in once and all races are entered, but no monies are taken until each race closing date. If for any reason you can’t make a race you give Steve Car a ring to let him know. It’s that simple. I can’t think of any reasons why you should need to cancel one of the best days of the year or is it just me that needs to get a life!

Race dates

  • 29th March – Silverstone National (DH)
  • 3rd-4th May – Brands Hatch Indy (DH)
  • 21st-22nd June – Silverstone GP MG Live (DH)
  • 3rd August – Donington Park (DH)
  • 4th-5th October – Snetterton 200 (DH)

Moving on to the end of year presentation this started well with the half price happy hour, cracking start to any night out. During happy hour James Derby played the edited footage he had received from the drivers, I think I will have to have a chat to some of you on driving standards, but the video was well put together and enjoyed by all. The meal was better than previous years. All was going nicely and it was time for the presentations. This year we invited John to host this part of the evening. Well what can I say? I have not laughed so much for so long. I actually had tears of laughter rolling down my face and it just seemed to get funnier and funnier. So thank you very much John for giving up your evening and entertaining us so brilliantly.

Right onto the awards

Congratulations to PBIC Championship winner for 2013 James Walpole
Congratulations to PBIC Championship winner for 2013 James Walpole


I would like to congratulate not just the trophy winners, but all drivers for a good years racing and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Also I would like to thank all of the officials, working hard behind the scenes helping to make the championship work. MANY THANKS TO ALL

I know it’s astonishing but we have had even more good news, our 2014 championship regulations have been approved by the MSA in the last couple of days, these should be on the website shortly.

That just leaves me to say a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Top tip for 2014 if you polish your car it will glide through the air easier = faster down the straight and it will look nicer too. There is no charge for this top tip we’ll just call it an early Christmas present – have fun!



Rules. entry forms etc

Fellow Racers, we have received the 2013  rules back from the MSA and they can be viewed on the page of the same name.

I have also added the Full Season Entry form on the Registration page if any of you did not get the direct email from the co-ordinator.****which it appears is last years one –correct version awaited*****

If anyone is not getting the updates from myself or Blaine please let us have your current email details.

Registration Process

Fellow Racers,
I have been informed today that Richard Tinkler is not going to continue as Club Secretary for 2013.Accordingly I have been asked to take on the processing of Membership Registration Fees.
There has been a lot of interest in the Series this year which is very encouraging considering the chance of a triple dip recession.
Perhaps the old adage of “you can’t take it with you” makes some sense so why not go racing instead?
Before you know it the new season will be upon us especially as we no longer need to dig through the snow to get to our cars!
Can I suggest that you send me your registration fees and applications forms as soon as possible, especially if you wish to retain the  same race number you had last year.
If you don’t register then numbers will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
The best way to pay is by BACS which makes life easier for those of you with internet banking.
Also it creates a unique entry on the Club Bank Statement so there is an easy reference to clarify you have paid.
If you BACS your payment please use you surname and car number as the reference.
Don’t forget you still have to fill in your form and send it to me.
I am happy to have an email copy or if you wish to post it then send it to me at;
C.Jones (PBIC)9 Carlton Road Headley Down Bordon Hants GU35 8JW

Same address for cheque’s too;
I will email you to confirm I have received you payment.
Don’t forget – no registration NO RACING!!!!

Put your money where your mouth is!

That’s right folks, it’s time to stop moaning about the snow and get your registrations in for the 2013 Season!

It couldn’t be easier….just go to the Registration Tab at the top of the page, download the form, fill it in and send your £50 in…BACS is the preferred option but you can also send a cheque to me if you prefer.

All the payment details are shown at the foot of the form….

Don’t miss out get your race number reserved along with your place on the grid!

The form can be emailed or posted too…what could be easier?


On  a sad note it is with deep regret that I have to inform you  that Stuart Musk lost his fight with cancer and passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday 4th December.

Stuart was a long time supporter of the Championship, and was right there at the start when it was the Phoenix Championship run by the Anglia Centre.

Stuart first raced an MGC in the Historic Sports Car Championship, but then moved over to the Anglia Phoenix Championship in its first year of running.  He purchased a fully modified Midget race number 35 and campaigned that ever since.  Finally retiring when the car was destroyed at Brands Hatch when it was rear ended on the start/finish line.

His claim to fame being that it was his car featured upside down for the Silverstone meeting for many years.

Stuart’s funeral will take place at Colchester Crematorium at 1.15pm,  on Monday 17th December 2012 followed by a reception at the Alma Pub, Copford for those who are able to attend.


We are the Champions!

Ladies & Gents,

We all had a great time at our Prize-giving cermeony and here are a couple of photos. If you have some better ones please send them in!


The lucky winners!
The lucky winners!


Hello Racers!

Welcome to the Official website for the MGCC Peter Best Insurance Challenge, the only race series to cater for any type of MG!.

This site is currently under construction – in the meantime for the latest news please visit:

The tabs at the top of the page are now active, there you will find details of the Series, application forms and draft regulations.

This site will be updated and it’s appearance will improve soon!!